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Whole House Generators

Whole House Electrical Backup Generators
Repair and Installation For Your Home.

A standby generator will restore power to your home automatically when the electricity from your utility is interrupted.

Whole House Generator Explained

Today's Whole house generators are extremely quiet and can power your whole home and keep the lights, security system, sump pump, television, washer and dryer, even the fridge working during electrical power outages. A whole house generator knows when the power supply is interrupted to your house and automatically starts up in less than a minute to restore electrical power to your home, even if you're not at home. Through electrical storms, brownouts and blackouts, we'll back you up!

Residential Generators

Residential Generators - Keep your family safe and secure and your entire household up and running during a power outage with a back-up generator. RJ Little Electricians offers a full line of standby power generator systems that come on automatically as soon as the power goes out. Our generators provide dependable protection during unexpected power outages and other emergencies. Our electricians can install both small generators, designed to power only small appliances like refrigerators, freezers and lights; or large generators that can power your entire house

Have peace of mind when the power goes out, RJ Little Electricians will give you expert, honest advice on the whole house electrical generator for your needs

  • Emergency electrical backup power
  • Models specific for residential electric backup
  • Connects to your main panel - whole house power
  • Models that run on a variety of fuels

Installation, repair and maintenance of standby home generators

  • Repair all standby generator makes and models