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Energy Savings

With Energy Prices Soaring, RJ Little Electric has a Plan to
Save You Up to 20% Off Your Next Energy Bill.

Start Saving Today with these Energy Saving Products Packages
Our Energy Saving Products will save you Money Year after Year

$1260 Savings for an Average Home
with a $250 Month Electric Bill


Light Dimmers10% = $25 per month, $300 per year
Surge Protectors8% = $20 per month, $240 per year
Motion Sensors2% = $5 per month, $60 per year
Programmable Thermostats6% = $15 per month, $180 per year
Water Heater Timer6% = $15 per month, $180 per year
CFL Energy Savings Bulbs10% = $25 per month, $300 per year
Save $105 per month, $1260 per year

Your Electricity Will Cost More!

This is why:

In exchange for the recovery of stranded costs, generation, transmission and distribution rates were capped at 1996 levels. The caps on transmission and distribution rates all have expired. After litigated proceedings before the PUC, the generation rates were extended for many of the electric companies. As determined by those proceedings, all utility rate caps will expire by Jan. 1, 2011.

What will happen once the generation rate caps expire?

The PUC expects that customers may see an increase in their bills after the expiration of rate caps. While consumers' rates have been capped, the market prices for electricity have risen. The magnitude of those increases will depend upon market prices when the EDC acquires its power.

Light Dimmers for Every Room

Save Money by dimming lights in every room.
Save an automatic 10% off your electric bill.


Surge Protectors

Save Your TV's, Computers, Air Conditioners, Well Pumps, Pool Pumps, Heat Pumps, Fans, and Appliances by protecting them from harm in case of a power surge. This unit will reduce your energy consumption.


Motion Sensor

Automatically shut off lights behind anyone leaving a room. Never leave lights on again!


Programmable Thermostats

Never heat or cool your home needlessly during the work day or overnight. Program comfortable temperatures only when you plan to be home.


Water Heater Timer

Heat your hot water only at the times you use it. Keeping your tank hot all the time wastes energy and money.


CFL Energy Saving Bulbs

Each light bulb in your home can cost you less. Use our energy saving bulbs and start saving money today .